Lead the Pack With Thought Leadership

How to Be a Thought Leader (And Take Your Place at the Head of the Pack)

What’s Up With Thought Leadership?

Edgy is good… isn’t it?

One of our clients shared with us her thoughts on positioning her firm as a thought leader.

“I want to be a little bit edgy,” she said. “I’m going to tell it like it is, which means not everyone is going to like what we have to say, and that’s okay.”

This might sound like a bold move, and it’s true – stepping into a role as a thought leader is not without risk.

You might say something wrong or unpopular.

When you share your thoughts, ideas and opinions people will take notice, but not everyone will love you for it. Some might publicly disagree with you. Or hit the unsubscribe button. Worse yet, you could attract haters and trolls.

In a world where social capital is so important, losing followers can sting, or can even impact your bottom line if you’re in a position to monetize views or traffic.

Thought Leadership Vs. Paid Advertising

So, why bother taking a stand if the risks are so high?

The answer is simple. The payoff to becoming a true thought leader is more powerful than any advertising campaign you could possibly design. When you’re able to be your authentic self – or your company is presenting valuable information, or content based on its values, mission and beliefs – then the right people will find you. And not only will they find you, they will follow you.

People who say brand loyalty is a thing of the past don’t understand the power of thought leadership.

Yes, it’s hard to develop brand loyalty when you hardly understand the difference between one brand and another. In the case of a similar product or service and zero investment in thought leadership, the determining factor is often price.

But trying to deliver the cheapest product or service is a race to the bottom and a hopelessly losing proposition. There’s always someone willing to undercut you, and those customers who only care about price are never going to be loyal – unless you give them a reason to keep coming back.

Create a tribe by talking about your unique culture, beliefs and values. Decide what you stand for and create content that showcases your personal or company quirkiness.

People buy from people they trust

Video is the Medium of Choice

Videos are a great way to do this, of course. You can create space in which to explore thought leadership content by creating a series where your employees will have a chance to let their voices be heard.

You can also opt to interview other leaders in your industry, or in an adjacent industry. The people you pick could be aspirational clients or contractors, or they could be other business owners or leaders who are doing interesting work. An interview series can bring value to your audience while showcasing your work to other companies that might be outside of your network.

The White Knight team can help you design the framework in which to create your videos remotely or with traditional methods, and we can also provide you with guidance in how to share your videos with the world in a way that is most impactful. Just schedule your Discovery Call today.

A Loyal Team is Priceless

Another reason to embrace thought leadership is that, in addition to attracting a loyal customer base, this strategy can also help you when bringing the right people in to work with your team. It’s no secret that we’re in a tight labor market and that finding good people is tough.

You may be in a position to offer a stellar pay and benefits package, but many companies who can’t afford to do that can still compete for strong candidates by doubling down on thought leadership.

Many people are surprised to learn that candidates will frequently choose a job based not only on pay and benefits, but also on job flexibility and the ability to do interesting and meaningful work – something you can talk about when you’re creating your thought leadership content.

It’s expensive and time-consuming to replace employees. If you can create a workplace with values that people feel aligned with, you have a much better chance of keeping them engaged for a longer period of time.

Use Thought Leadership to stand out from the crowd

Magic Happens Outside the Comfort Zone

Yes, stepping into the space of being known as a thought leader might be uncomfortable or even a little scary, but consider the alternatives. When you try to please everyone by not taking a stand or saying what you really believe in, you end up blending into the wallpaper and not being noticed at all.

Wouldn’t you rather step into a place of becoming memorable and or positioning yourself as someone who speaks with authority and leads the pack in the industry instead of blending in with the crowd?

Take the first step into creating your own thought leadership content by scheduling your own free, no-obligation Discovery Call today.