Turn Your Blogs Into Vlogs!

Have you been curating a blog for a business or personal use and not seeing the results you had hoped for? With the digital landscape of marketing always changing it can be difficult to tell whats working for your business and whats wasting your time. With Youtube and other social media platforms centered around video rising in popularity and usage, it might be time to start thinking about turning your blogs into vlogs!

Like many other bloggers I’m sure you have poured countless hours and ideas into keeping your blog relevant, useful and interesting. Starting a vlog doesn’t mean that all of the ideas you have developed in your blogs are no longer of value, you can repurpose your ideas and information by turning your blogs into vlogs. Let’s get those video cameras ready to go and look at a few steps you can take to turn your blogs into amazing vlogs!

  1. Storyboarding 
    • Storyboards provide a guide for what you plan on covering in your video. This is a crucial step in creating a cohesive and understandable message for your viewers to take away from your vlog. Find a way to summarize the key points of your blog in an easy-going and conversational tone to best reach your audience.
  2. Write your Script
    • Transitioning from writing content to speaking about it can be a bit intimidating for some planning on creating a successful vlog. This is where writing a script can be an amazing resource to help keep you on track and memorize your key talking points!
  3. Go Live
    • Creating a shareable video in real time is a great way to connect with your viewers! Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube are all prime locations to test out your live sharing skills.
  4. Rehearse & Record
    • If you are having a hard time behind the camera don’t be discouraged! One of the great things about a vlog, much like a blog, is that you don’t have to publish it until you are sure it is ready to be seen by the masses. So keep on getting behind the camera and rehearsing your lines until you’ve created a video that your viewers will love!

Pro Tip: There are many excellent resources available to help bring your vlog to the next level! There are tools such as Lumen5 to help transform articles into videos or free video editing software such as Lightworks.

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