Unstoppable: The Emotional Impact of Story

In this community there is a great need for an agency to step in and help the ones who slip through the cracks. There are other programs to help people with mental, physical and emotional challenges, but not everyone qualifies for services. If that is the case, Catholic Charities probably has a program that can help. In fact, Catholic Charities runs more than 40 programs in the small community they serve in Upstate New York.

Those programs provide a ray of hope and even a lifeline for hundreds in the community, but the sheer number of offerings also presents the agency with a branding challenge. It’s so bad that even employees of the agency are often not aware of all the services that are offered. Ask in the community for people to tell you what Catholic Charities does and you’ll hear about the food pantry and some of the more popular programs. However, the majority of them fly under the radar.

If the programs aren’t being utilized then funding for them could also be in danger, along with the ability of Catholic Charities to help those individuals who can’t find support elsewhere.

So, you see there is a lot at stake when we take on the task of telling these stories that matter. In the above video you can see how success stories are woven together with basic information about “Home and Community Based Services.”

We hope you enjoy this video and look forward to hearing your thoughts and questions.