Up Your Recruitment Game

Are you struggling with recruitment?

It’s no secret that modern-day businesses all across the country are struggling to attract qualified workers. What began as a cultural phenomenon has become something more. In many industries it’s a crisis, and it’s affecting all of us in one way or another.

The Great Resignation may have been a long time coming, but the lockdowns of 2020 certainly sped things along. It was as if people were suddenly woken up – newly aware that perhaps they had more options than they initially realized.

As remote work opened up new opportunities and careers were pasted together from a hodgepodge of gigs and hustles, employers began to face a very serious crisis, along with a game-changing realization: gone were the days that they got to call all the shots.

In this new era, employers have had to work harder than anytime in recent memory to attract people to join their organization, and recruitment videos are an important part of the equation.

There are several ways that videos top any written recruitment ad:

  1. They allow the job seeker to see and hear from actual people who work at the organization, and to begin to get a sense of how they would fit in with the other employees.
  2. It’s an opportunity to show elements of the company culture, which is far different and more powerful than just writing about the culture.
  3. You can share insights from company leadership, and testimonials from customers and clients, to provide a fuller picture of the company’s mission and impact.


The fact is, there are almost endless ways in which you can use videos to promote your company and position it as an attractive place to work.

Once you create that content, it just takes some planning and strategy (and potentially some ad spend) to make sure your videos are being seen by potential job seekers at just the right time. Include a clear call to action in your videos and you’ve got a golden combination, and a unique opportunity to give your company a competitive advantage during a challenging time for those who are looking to hire talent.

In this video, you can hear what Nicole Martin of HR Boost has to say about using video content as a recruitment tool. She’s seen it work time and time again, and is excited about how easy the process can be.

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