Using Music in Video

Whether it’s loud and at the forefront or it’s softly featured in the background, music is a powerful tool in video and can help drive a point home to your audience. Here, we’ll give you some tips on how to find the right music, and how to use that music to your advantage.


Searching for Music

By Genre

Anyone who has searched for music knows how much of a time consuming process it is. One method to finding that perfect music track is to go to the genre category that matches your video style. If you have an explainer video, you may want to look in the corporate or energizing genre. Maybe your sports video needs something more upbeat or dramatic. You need to know what kind of music would work best with the style of the video.

By Keyword

Another way to find music is to search by keywords. Say your video is for a charity; you could search “inspiring corporate” or “upbeat sentimental.” Ultimately, there’s no secret trick that will instantly find you the perfect song, but knowing the tone of your video will certainly help you narrow down your options.


Licensing Music

Before you settle on a song, you may want to see how it works with your video content. Preview tracks can be downloaded to see if a song works with an edit. These tracks are typically free and they have an audio watermark throughout the song so everyone knows it’s for preview only. Once you know the song fits well, you can license the final track and replace it in the edit.


Editing with Music

There are different ways you can use music to enhance your video. To evoke the most emotion, you want to edit the video cuts to the beat of the music. Doing this builds a connection between the video and the music. However, you should be careful of overdoing it – the video can become too monotonous if this is done with every cut. There should be a balance of some short shots and some long shots.

Another powerful editing technique is to escalate your B-roll when the music crescendos. In other words, when the music reaches the climax, have a segment of quick cuts of B-roll. This brings out the feeling that the video is building up to something, or building upon itself, and further connects the video to the audio.

Finding the right song for your video is half the battle. But once you find it and use it effectively, you’ll have a video that engages your audience for the duration.