Using Video in Healthcare

We believe video can be used for almost any industry, including healthcare. Here’s 3 ways healthcare organizations can utilize video.


If you need to reveal statistics or educate a patient, informational videos are the way to go. Videos are a solid choice for giving a large quantity of information clearly and quickly. A person talking to the camera with some graphics on the side works great; or you can have a voiceover with some animations on screen.

Here’s a sample of a pre-operation informative video we made for Guthrie.


Let’s say you have a product you want to market. If there’s one thing video is good at, it’s marketing! Video marketing (and specifically, paid advertising) takes your video and puts it right in front of your ideal audience.

Whether you need a traditional video, a remotely-filmed video, or an animation like below, will depend on your specific goals and desires. (We at White Knight can help guide you through what type of video you need!)

Patient Reviews

We all know reviews are a powerful way to solidify public trust of your business. If you have a client that had a great experience, ask them if they would be willing to film a video review of your services. You can use these videos on your website (either a dedicated page or within your services page), or you can post these on social media.



Whether your business is B2B or B2C, you can implement video in multiple ways into your marketing. Want to hear more? Click here to chat with us!

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