Video In The Lead Funnel!

We continue the conversation around video in Part Two of our conversation with Beth Menduni. Host Elin Barton and Beth talk about the video process and where video lands in the lead funnel.

Beth Menduni is a born storyteller with a background in theatre, visual communications, and graphic design. She worked in video production houses for a decade before launching her own full-service video marketing company based in Columbus, OH called the Mkg Dept.

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Video Transcript:

Beth: Most people come to us thinking that video is the final product of their campaign. It is not. You’re right; it’s the top of the lead funnel.

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Elin: It’s video. It’s marketing in general. It makes people anxious because they’re spending money. It is somewhat of a leap of faith. You have to try maybe a couple of different things. As strategic as you try to be, you have to test it with your audience.

Beth: How do you figure out when something is performing? We talk about return on investment with marketing, right? And that’s sometimes hard to capture. Because marketing is just a big guess. It truly is. But with video, what I love is that you can see how well you’re doing. So what is it, seven seconds on Facebook or YouTube is considered success? It’s amazing that we can track that in what we do. But I think seven seconds sucks! Right? It’s terrible. My goal is to get past that and hopefully get them to the end where the call to action lies. So it’s more than just likes and shares, right? What’s actually helping people to convert with this in video?

Elin: We always tell our clients that the video isn’t the end product; it’s the first part of the process. So we start by trying to get them to hone in on what results they’re looking for. And then work backwards from there and strategize how we’re going to get to those results, how we’re going to measure the results. I’m always interested in the whole picture. Sometimes it’s required—to promote your videos, you’re going to need supporting campaigns or something else to really push it out there into the world. Sometimes the video on its own isn’t enough. Sometimes it is, but you need to know what your strategy is up front so that we, as producers, can help you get to the best product that’s going to work for you.

Beth: Yeah, I mean, you got to know what those goals are. What do you want out of this? Who are you talking to? We need to know these key things to make this work for you. But you said something that was really key, Elin, is that most people come to us thinking that video is the final product of their campaign. It is not. You’re right; it’s the top of the lead funnel. It’s in your attraction and awareness sort of area of the funnel if you’re actually thinking of the traditional marketing funnel. And it’s at the top. And showing your personality, showing your expertise, communicating your value is so crucial in that moment because that’s going to help them to capture their attention and potentially hire you or purchase your product, whatever it is that you’re truly selling. That’s what video is doing is selling you something. Video is not the end product. It is the beginning.



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