Video Marketing Basics

man chef gives an interview for a video blogger. videographer is filming the cook's story about cooking. outdoor

Video marketing. Such a vast world. 

This might be your first time getting into video marketing; if so, congratulations!

Video marketing should answer the following three questions: what, who, and why. (These questions should be answered before you even start scripting your video.) 

What is the content in the video?

If you are just getting started, your first video should be an introduction of your company and your service/product. The videos that follow can go into more specifics, like how the service works, or can just inform your viewers about something related to your company. 

Who do you want to see the video?

When you are writing your script, think about the viewer. What’s their age group? What do they like? You’ll need to create the style of the video that matches their style preference. 

Also, think about where they will see the video. If it’s going to be on social media, you’ll want the beginning part to be highly engaging (so people stop scrolling). 

Your viewer might also need captions, but that’s a whole blog post in itself. 

Why are you making the video?

Basically, what do you want people to do after watching your video? 

Let’s say you have a product you are trying to sell. At the end of the video, you could direct the viewers to your website where they can get more information and, ultimately, buy your product.

If this was an informational video, you could direct people to the next informational video of yours, and ask them to “like and subscribe” (as we so often hear in videos online). 

These are examples of a “call to action,” and it should do just that. 

There’s so much more to video marketing that we did not cover. But the above should lay a solid foundation for your videos to be successful. 

And don’t worry; we will help you throughout your video journey, from scripting, to editing, to publishing! Contact us to learn more!