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Video is an ever-changing art. In Part Five of our conversation with Ken Okazaki, host Elin Barton inquires if Ken has a forecast for the future of video marketing trends.

Ken Okazaki teaches coaches, trainers, and consultants to create irresistible videos that land leads and sales. Ken loves helping businesses plan, optimize, and launch their video campaigns. He offers both done-for-you video agency services, done-with-you video coaching programs, and specializes in helping promote and market personal brands.

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Video Transcript:

On Facebook and Instagram, everything I put out is getting about 5% the amount of reach it did about two years ago.

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Video marketing has changed so much in the past probably year, five years, certainly. If you had a crystal ball and you could project forward 6 months, 12 months, 2 years down the road, what do you see happening? Do you see it becoming more prevalent? Or what are you thinking?

Wow! I\’m seeing everybody\’s jumping onto this platform style that TikTok has done. It was, right? And then it became TikTok. Now, Instagram has Reels. YouTube has YouTube Shorts.

The thing is, on Facebook and Instagram, everything I put out is getting about 5% the amount of reach it did about two years ago. I put up a video; it got like 15 views after a day. And I was like, \”This is such a joke.\” But I knew the quality was good. So I took that same video. I stuck it up on Instagram Reels. In two hours, I got 1,700 views. And it\’s the exact same video, same content, same title.

So, look at what\’s going on.

And I think that the vertical format is here to stay.

I think that making everything into 15 to 30 second bite-sized clips is here to stay, at least for a while.

And learning to grab people\’s attention on a whole different level when you\’re competing against 15-year-olds who are skateboarding or surfing or whatever crazy stunt they\’re doing, that\’s here to stay; and you got to realize that you\’re going to be sandwiched between these guys and figure out how to get people\’s attention.



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