Video That Makes An Impact

Video itself is impactful, compared to other forms of marketing. 

But how do you make an impact on the viewers of your video? It’s all about standing out from the crowd. 

Do Something Different.

We’ve all seen one commercial or video that just sticks out in our mind. Whether it’s a new twist on an old classic or something new altogether, making your video bold can be very impactful (if done well). 

Do Something Boring, Making It Cheesy.

You can do a standard video but play off the fact that it’s stereotypical. Intentional cheesy-ness can be quite funny!

Do Something Emotional.

Whether that’s funny or sad, emotions always impact people. If you can capture someone’s emotion, you can make an impact on them. (How many of us remember the funny commercials?)

Do Something Educational

In general, people love to learn. If you can teach your viewer about your industry or give them a life hack, they will remember you as a wise source and may turn to you for advice in the future!

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