Voice-Overs Will Win You Over


A voice-over is something that oftentimes gets overlooked, not given a lot of credit. But a voice over can be foundational for a video, especially animations where the visuals are supporting the voice over. 


Now what are some things to keep in mind when planning to use a voice-over?


The style of the voice matters greatly.


Does your video need a playful narrator or a strong, commanding voice? It’s important to know this before you send out your script for auditions so that the artists know how to read your script. Also think about the accent. We have worked on videos for a western-style steakhouse, and a gruff cowboy accent was very fitting for their brand! 


Cadence is key.


A good voice over artist knows when to slow down and when to speed up their reading, and when to pause. Cadence is one of those things you don’t realize until you hear it done well, like in the video below. 



Inflection can be perfection.


You’ll want the voice-over artist to put emphasis on the correct words. The power words should be emphasized, while the words in between can be moved over quicker. This will add a dynamic feeling to your script.


Voice-overs are an effective tool in your video marketing, both for those watching the accompanying video, and those who can’t, including the visually impaired.


With a solid voice-over, supplementing visuals, and relevant music, your video will be clear, engaging, and ready to publish!

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