Where Do Our Charges Come From?

Training & Experience, Video Equipment, Business Insurance, Computer Programs, Office Space, and Online Platforms


When it comes to growing your business, video production might not be the first thing that comes to mind. The fast-paced work environments we find ourselves in today lend themselves to even more fast-paced social media platforms and digital communications. In order to keep up with the competition and to remain relevant and in the minds of your consumers, having a presence on social media has become a necessity. One highly effective way of creating attention-grabbing content for your business is through video production. Video allows your consumer to grasp the essence of your message in an interesting and interactive way which holds extreme value in today’s competitive market. Here, at White Knight Productions, we have honed our skills to help deliver you the best video for your business to grow! When it comes to pricing our video production services, there is a lot to factor in, which is reflective of how much work goes into creating a great video!

Our Experience Sets Us Apart

We believe that there is value in experience and training when it comes to crafting the perfect video for your business. Whether it be a training video for new hires or a promotional video to attract new clients, we know that your video needs to be just right in order to reach your audience in the most effective way. Through the combined efforts of our team, we have accumulated years of experience within our field and have learned many great tips along the way that will give your video the edge it needs to cut through the competition and deliver your message effectively.

Other Overhead Costs

In addition to experience, the cost of our production equipment, business insurance, computer programs, online platforms and office space all contribute to the overall cost of our services. Lastly, the overall time needed to produce your video is taken into account when creating quotes for our video services. The vast resources that we have acquired throughout our 10 years in business have allowed us to grow and improve our own skills, allowing us to deliver exceptional videos!


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