Why Animations?



Animations and live action videos are basically the two main categories of corporate videos. Each is an excellent way of communicating your message to the world. 


Let’s talk about animations, whether it be 2D or 2.5D animation, whiteboard animation, or other types. Why choose animations and not live action videos?


(Here’s an example of one of our animations.)



Animations are great at conveying information simply. Animations are more focused on the visuals, whereas a live-action video is more focused on the audio. You can pack much more information into an animated video than into a live action video!


If information is on the screen in text or graphics, your viewer is less likely to get confused than a live action video where a person is speaking the information. This means that your message is understood more rapidly! 

More Flexible

Graphics are what carry an animated video. And graphics are easier to change out and edit than live action content! Let’s say you want to change the wording of a graphic, or swap out the graphic for a new one altogether. Those can be done more simply than having to re-film for a live action video!


Though animations are amazing, they can’t show the same human connection that a live action video can. Knowing what type of video to use when is key! We at White Knight can give you guidance on which video will be best for your needs. Schedule a discovery call with us today!